Track listing!

Intro SebastiAn BPM120.0 0:51

Remixes 2011 Other

dj zyx – outside the funkbox v2 BPM135.0

Rock N’ Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) Skrillex BPM128.0 4:44

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Indie Dance / Nu Disco

Reptile’s Theme Skrillex BPM110.0 3:56

Just The Way You Are (Skrillex BatBoi Remix) Bruno Mars BPM128.0 3:50

Skrillex Remixes Dubstep

Party Rock Anthem LMFAO BPM130.0 4:23 Party Rock Anthem – Single

I Square BPM145.0 5:24

Skrillex Remixes Dubstep BPM145.0 3:11

dj zyx – massiver melodies BPM128.0 2:52 2011

I LOVE HATERS – DJ ZYX (ELECTRO 2010)_007 BPM130.0 3:40

dj zyx – remixes BPM128.0 5:52

live at gemini DJ Zyx BPM133.0 76:56 2009

dj zyx – THE TIME IS NOW (electro mash up massive) BPM130.0 35:28

zyx vocals 137.0 0:00

dj zyx – in the back seat-01 (master) BPM143.9 1:33

live at gemini DJ Zyx BPM133.0 76:56


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