Google acquires 512-Qubit Quantum Computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to A.I. Machines. The D-Wave quantum computer could be used to help robots understand human speech and lead to more sophisticated robotic designs, like the Terminator in the classic sci-fi film.Tasks that would take normal computers years to complete can be processed in seconds using quantum computers like the D-Wave. The D-Wave works closer to how the human brain works, but without the margin of human error.

This includes developing cures for diseases, tackling the changes to Earth caused by climate change, better developing voice-activated technology and more.In August last year, a team of Harvard University researchers were able to use the D-Wave One to solve the largest protein folding problem ever, using the quantum computer.

Protein folding is a complex system found in all living things involving amino acids.Google in particular could use the technology to improve the reaction times and processing speeds of its self-driving cars, or develop its Google Glass technology – a wearable computer that responds to motion and voice controls. To unlock this power, and test the computer’s potential, the two organisations have launched the Quantum Artifical Intelligence Lab at Nasa’s Ames Research Centre based in California.

IBM has developed a computer chip which it says will function like a human brain in a giant step forward for artificial intelligence. Ironically IBM’s cognitive computing programme is called SyNapse, which is similar to Skynet, the computer system in The Terminator.

Bill Gates expressed that he feels humanity needs to be more cautious with the development of artificial intelligence.

Stephen Hawking: ‘AI could spell end of the human race’
llustrious physicists including Stephen Hawking have warned against the dangers of artificial intelligence and its unchecked growth in the last century. Could it one day outgrow us, and make us extinct? How would it do this? Alltime Conspiracies investigates.

Machines are already starting to take over, cashiers are being replaced, cars with complex computer driving systems, robots which can detect different people and understand over 1 billion different commands. Drones used by different countries to attack other countries. Machines will be making machines and we don’t stop as we want to make our lives easier by making more machines do the work for us. It’s ironic to think that our lives will become so easy that there will be no life left once machines and complex machines become self aware.


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