Zyx – pronounced ZYYX’ aka Sebastian Rogers

He has lived in many different countries and seen so much at such a young age. Sebastian brings his amazing talents to the table from the worldwide journey into life and sound. As one of the god fathers of Acid Techno, his reputation on the internet is nothing short but staggering!

Sebastian has been making music for over 15 years. Creating fresh new elements, putting sounds and frequencies together to make a unique sound. Sebastian has been ranked in the top 10 artists on mp3.com back in
1999 to 2002 with music downloads exceeding 250,000. He has also been featured on www.funender.com music #1 spot for 1 month from over 50,000 artists on that site.

The way his mixes take elements from across the spectrum of electronic dance, from trance, breaks, progressive and deep house, drum n’ bass and can create a liquid groove. The way his understanding of both melody and momentum can embrace, spread love and peace to the dance floor before unleashing a record that will have people not just leaping up and down but bursting with emotion.